We have implemented a number of network and IT solutions for retail chains and distribution companies. Digitalization of business has become one of the key market advantages in retail. Fast availability, lack of downtime, uninterrupted connection during rush hours for the holidays or marketing activities, all of these are new IT standards for this industry.

For Retail and Distribution:

Active market development, geographical expansion of networks and the launch of new products require new competencies. The struggle for convenience and accessibility of goods at the reach of the hand has become the main engine of digital transformations in retail and distribution.


On the other hand, interruptions in service, inaccessibility of loyalty systems, delays in the order system, even for several minutes, lead to direct financial losses. Buyers are sensitive to delivery speed and order convenience.


The load on IT departments is growing and requires a constant shift from the tasks of searching, implementing and developing new solutions to ensuring the life of an IT infrastructure.


Companies are faced with the choice to increase the number of their own IT specialists and invest into their training or choose the path of outsourcing services to existing solutions.