IT companies that develop software for both Europe and world markets require prompt actions. Our solution creates a ready-to-use office for you, including continuous Wi-Fi coverage, consistently fast Internet connection for video conferencing with colleagues and partners. Data security will be provided by our own hardware and "cloud" solutions in the Europe and USA.

For developers of software and IT solutions:

    • we provide 10 Gbps – 100 Gbps Internet access channels, reserve connections from other sites, with automatic switching to an alternative route and BGP support;
    • we optimize the route for delivering Internet traffic to Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud;
    • we connect 1 Gbps – 10 Gbps data transfer channels for remote offices;
    • we provide full compliance with SLA;
    • we maintain network and IT infrastructure;
    • we provide round-the-clock monitoring and technical support 24x7x365.

Developers work in different time zones, so proactive round-the-clock technical support is an important factor when choosing a business partner.


Developer business depends on the availability of cloud services. We help to achieve stable application performance while connected to the cloud, which in turn results in greater flexibility, business agility and lower costs.


These companies create state-of-the-art technologies, introduce internet-of-things and big-data into our daily lives. They develop games and social networks, local applications and entire platforms, radically changing healthcare, agriculture and the media. They introduce the latest technologies in other industries, and we, in turn, help them to scale the network and IT infrastructure and optimize their work environment.