OWN NETWORK ... from the very bottom

Oleh Kalenichenko



Our network is built on fiber optical cables. They are considered the best in terms of bandwidth, speed and reliability requirements of advanced data systems.


The Network Construction and Development Department handles all stages of the work, starting with the design and all the way through to the highest level of construction and installation work. 20 years of experience and professionalism guarantee the shortest construction time.


The main task of the Network Construction is "To connect the client quickly and with minimal cost, while building a reliable and high-quality network."




Our standards help to successfully resolve this task:

    • Rational network development planning is based on ring network, optical cable capacity, and type of environment.

    • Deadlines of services connection are formed automatically via business processes standards in the corporate information system. This allows us to forecast work with high precision in the form of a schedule, not only for a specific working day, but  for a month, a quarter and a year.

    • Electronic coverage map reflects the real state of the network, including geographical coordinates of FOSCs, FOBs, ODFs and other passive equipment.

    • Mandatory data updates, right after construction of new segments of the network, allows us to check the technical capability online, even for the most demanding requests.

    • Thorough accounting and constant updates of the network data, help the construction team to generate a fiber optic switching diagram and to receive it online immediately at the emergency site.